My ac always seems to leak water. I have it blown regularly and even put bleach in the drain line. Why is this stoppage happening?

Most drain line clogs are caused by not airing out the house on a regular basis. It sounds weird but I can explain. You breathe Oxygen and expel carbon dioxide. When you do not air out your home daily, bacterial slime will build up in the drain pipe because bacteria thrives on 2 things…. Water and carbon dioxide. Sure, bleach will treat a symptom, but it’s not the cure. Airing out the house daily is healthy as well. You get fresh oxygenated air and your ac will work better. If you think about it, Does it make sense to breathe the same air over and over?

But won’t that cause my electric bill to go up because I am opening all my windows to air out the house?

Only by a small amount insignificant amount. Let’s pretend that your AC thermostat is set at 76 degrees and you open all the windows for an hour. The walls, ceilings, floor, furniture curtains, doors, etc… are at 76 degrees. The only item that needs to be cooled down is the air…. That hot healthy fresh air. You will feel better and you will considerably reduce the ability for bacterial slime build up.

My AC runs and runs but takes forever to shut off.

  1. This could be due to a refrigerant deficit. When a unit is slightly low on refrigerant, the inside coil could be starving for refrigerant. This will result in portions of the coil having hot spots causing your system to run longer.
  2. You could have an air flow restriction. Make sure your filter is clean.
  3. Your outside condenser could have dirt build up on the coil. Get the water hose and force water through the coils to get the dirt out.

Get your system serviced. We do all of that for you and you need a licensed AC company like Deane Electric and Air Conditioning, LLC to properly check refrigerant charge and add some if needed.

My AC freezes up. What do I do?

This is caused by several reasons.

  1. Air flow restriction
    a) Dirty Filter
    b) Dirty evaporator coil
    c) Low on refrigerant
    d) stuck condenser contactor
    e) Failing blower motor
    f) Failing blower circuit board and or fan relay any combination of these issues will cause ice to form. Get your AC serviced if your filter is clean and your return air openings are not blocked.
    Nothing is running outside. What do I do?

If your condenser is not running outside, You may have one or more of these issues.

  1. Blown control power fuse (Inside will not run either)
  2. Blown Capacitor
  3. Blown condenser motor (and now compressor is kicked out on thermal protection)
  4. Float switch is engaged
  5. Check to see if you have water in your auxiliary drain pan ( attic units only)
  6. Your drain line could be clogged up and your safety float switch is doing its job by shutting off the outside unit.
  7. You have a burned wire
  8. Lawn mower guy cut the control wire

If all else fails Call us at 254-371-5016


Why are my lights flickering?

Call your utility provider first. You could have lost power on the utility end first and your utility provider will fix it at no cost.

Why do I still have no power?

Check your circuit breakers. If you have partial power and have already been cleared by your utility provider. Check your main circuit breaker to see if its tripped. If it is tripped then reset it.

What do I do if have partial power and utility provider says all is well on their end?

Check your individual breakers in your panel. Also make sure you have checked your outside panel. Newer homes have outside panels as well.

Why does my GFCIs keep tripping?

Remove all devices that are plugged into the GFCI and reset. If it holds, you have an issue with one of your devices and should replace for safety.

If the GFCI is still tripping, then you should call us.

Why are my lights dimming throughout my house?

Call your local utility provider first. You may have a broken neutral wire between transformer to house. Also… observe to see if your tree branches are wrapping around the utility wires. Typically, you are responsible for keeping your trees trimmed, but should notify Utility provider if you see this. You do not want to attempt tree trimming with hot wires close to trees.

1) Lights are still dimming?

a) Call Deane Electric and Air and Air Conditioning, LLC We need to look for the failure before the problem begins to damage equipment and electronics in your home.


What causes my Arc Fault breaker to keep tripping?

Arc Fault breakers are a pain. No doubt about it. They are poorly made and part of federal law.

Unplug whatever device you have in the arc fault circuit and see if it resets.

I want to add an Instant Hot Water Heater. Can my service handle it?

It can handle it provided that the electrical service is a minimum 200 amps. Sometimes but rarely, even a 200 amp service needs to be upgraded before an Instant Hot Water Heater is put into use.

Hire Deane Electric and Air Conditioning, LLC to upgrade your service.

How do I know if my electrical system is safe?

Hire us and we will check your electrical system out.