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When the weather is quiet and power grids are steady, purchasing a backup power generator is not the first thing on your mind, but not any home or business owner should be caught without one. Installing a generator is at least as vital to your daily productivity and comfort as automobile insurance would be to your car or truck. With a properly functioning backup power generator, regular business or home life does not stop when the lights go out. A standby generator is installed exactly like a central AC unit, with a transfer switch that keeps crucial systems and accessories operating within seconds of an emergency power outage, which explains why we prefer to say we sell reassurance with our residential electrical repairs.

To better understand why the generators are very significant, it can help to think about what is really in play during a power outage or a power grid failure. Whether it is a lightning storm, tornado warning, strong winds, deep frost, or blizzard, the power can go out at any time. Even just a couple of hours without power may cause significant harm to your home or business. A day or a couple of hours without power may have painful implications, and large costs. When the power is off, consider the effect it may have on your: Sump pump. Well pump. Plumbing. Security/Alarm systems. Home office. Elderly. Special needs kids. Toddlers and children. Frequent travelers. Food. Pets. Power heavy business. Business Retail. Business reduction of production.

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A home that’s equipped with a generator is one that may stay warm in the winter months and cool in the summertime in case the power goes out. At Deane Electric Electric & Generator, we carry a vast range of residential generators that may keep your home running when everyone else is left in the dark.

We carry the most dependable brands — GE & Reliance — and our workers are a number of the best in the field, so that you may rest easy knowing your system will probably work for the long-term. This beats using a unit that communicates down in a brief time period if it’s used for over a few times annually. The units we set up are designed to last, as is evidenced with the backup power generators we have installed through Texas.


Home generators aren’t easy systems. There are two major components to a home standby system. The first is “ordinary ” utility power mode, in which power is coming from the city power grid, along with the generator is in standby mode. The generator is wired into the electrical loads into the home without compromising the home system, which keeps the battery charged for whenever the system is necessary.

The 2nd major component comes into play when a power outage occurs. In case the utility power fails or falls to less than 85 per cent, the standby system automatically activates a “transfer change ” that begins the start strings so that the home may be adequately powered. The transfer panel control is what perceptions the utility power has reached an unacceptable level. In case the utility power is not on before 3 seconds have gone by, the system will start. In case the utility power is back on in 3 seconds, the generator’s motor won’t start. The whole arrangement of operation starts within 10 seconds of the time the power goes out.

When the power comes back on, the transfer panel control senses it’s back and will wait around for the voltage to achieve an acceptable level. The load is then transferred back to the utility source along with the generator set origin is disconnected. The generator then goes through a cool-down period before automatically resetting to standby mode.


You never know when the power can go out, but we assist you maintain the lights on. Our Texas generator contractors at Deane Electric & Air Conditioning, LLC will work with you to spot the right unit and will look after you personally, your generator, along with your electrical needs as your one stop shop for all things electric, which means you’re never abandoned in the dark.


Deane Electric has provided quality generator installations in Texas. When power is not available for whatever reason, the generator is on standby so it can kick in and maintain your home.

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