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John Deane moved to the Central Texas area with his Military parents in 1976 where is father was director of the First Cav band. John stayed in the area and began his electrical and HVAC career in Killeen. John attended Central Texas College where he learned AC and heating repair. He went on to join the IBEW local electricians local union 520 where he attended their school while working as an industrial electrician in Austin. On evening when he didn’t have school, John would drive back home to Killeen and repair Air Conditioners for a local company. This process remained with John for several years until he made the bold decision to start Deane Electric & Air Conditioning, LLC. The company started out as a part-time endeavor in which John would perform service calls in the evenings and weekends until he had too many customers to remain part time. Deane Electric started full-time in 2002 and was at one time the only company that offered electrical and air conditioning repair. John quickly learned what was missing in the area for customers. He found that many people would have to hire 2 different service companies to figure out problems with one item.

So, by offering both Electrical and AC repair, John was able to fill a niche in Central Texas by offering repair services for both items as one service call. Deane Electric & Air Conditioning, LLC continues to be one of the premier service companies in Central Texas due to understanding what is needed in this part of the country. John continues today as one of the techs in the field as his brand of diagnosing and repair results in great fixes, training to employees and great customer satisfaction.

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Inga was born in Rostov Russia and moved to Texas in 2011. She became a citizen shortly after relocating to the USA. Before her move to Texas, Inga was the lead sales manager for a very large paper manufacturing company in Russia. She joined Deane Electric and Air Conditioning, LLC after leaving Russia. John was particularly interested in Inga’s ability to perform accounting duties. John discovered Inga’s high level of ability after needing help in a big way as John could no longer keep up with accounting duties.

He discovered her level of detail, which was needed to keep up with the demand from customers. Inga attended Rostov-on-Don University in Russia and graduated with a 4 year degree in Accounting and Economics. Her current duties with Deane Electric and Air Conditioning include verifying payroll, paying statements and working with Home Warranty Customers.




With over 20 years of experience, Billy has been figuring out electrical problems for all of Central Texas. Billy specializes in troubleshooting and repair. Billy is also my evening electrician, which sometimes allows Deane Electric and Air Conditioning, LLC to offer after 5PM services at normal prices. Billy enjoys figuring out mystery issues. We consider him to be the Sherlock Holmes of troubleshooting. No problem escapes the watchful eye of Billy. Contact us today!

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